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California Wall Map

Map of CaliforniaMap of California

This map continues a series of maps successfully began with a creation of an unprecedented wall map of Russia, which received the highest recognition of the world cartographic society.

The idea behind the creation of this kind of maps is based on the renaissance of mapmaking as an art, in an era of total computerization.

For hundreds of years it was impossible to create a map without a hand being applied to a piece of paper. This process was comparable to the work of a painter.

In addition to mathematical knowledge cartographers received training in the field of painting and graphics. They were skilled enough to work with pens, pencils, and brushes. Maps turned into masterpieces. We witness this every time we see fine antique maps.

By creating the new wall map of California our team returns fine art to cartography with handmade colorful hill-shading.

The imagery of relief features has always been difficult to capture. Mankind has always been compelled to higher grounds to see the Earth's beauty from above. There are several ways to portray relief features on a map, we believe, that handmade colorful hill-shading is the best.

The actual creation of a painting is still an enigma, with an inspiration coming from the depth of the artists' heart.

For this map our talented artists selected colors inspired by the natural pigmentation of terrain. This is where an artist is faced with a contradiction: the way the Earth surface actually appears from high altitude is different from the way an artist would like to portray it. We are far from finding a compromise - but within it lies an art.

This map was created so that you would believe that California, a beautiful part of our beautiful planet, has come to your home.

Our map can decorate any house or office. It's both an intricate painting and a wealth of accurate information because it was created with love by high caliber professionals.

We believe that we have created a beautiful object of art to treasure and to learn from, while doing it we have reached a new height in the age-old art of cartography.

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Deluxe edition, 1999/2000. Scale 1:750,000, dimensions 63.5" x 43". Printed in the USA in one piece on 100 lb. premium gloss cover stock with protective waterproof UV varnish.
Ready for display! No glass or frame needed.

The Index of the geographic names which comes in a separate brochure contains the list of all objects depicted on the map with indexes, which allow to easily locate each object on the map.

Unique technology that combines state-of-the-art digital process and handmade artwork was developed by ArtCarta International (California) in cooperation with ACC (Moscow).

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