Map of Russia

Associated Cartographic Center is an independent company which was founded in Moscow in 1993. It has since been one of Russia's leading specialists in mapmaking.

Our staff is made up of top mapmakers with experience in the field of no less than 20 years. They come from the best traditions of Russian school of mapmaking. We have state-of- the-art printing facilities and keep a data bank which contains detailed information about the territories of the former Soviet Union and the other parts of the world.

Our staff is experienced in a broad range of techniques and high computer technologies; we work from high resolution satellite images for making all our maps and atlases: unique topographical maps, large-scale city maps and atlases, special detailed road maps and atlases, unique detailed wall maps as well as many other.

ACC's products have earned a reputation as the best cartographic products for drivers and tourists in Russia. ACC's dynamic marketing department deals with distribution in a range of fields, including book stores, tourist centres, gas stations and special wholesales. Due to its enterprising activity, it has also established distribution agreements with several countries in Europe and North America. We are planning to develop and improve our marketing policy so as to forge stronger relationships with colleagues in other parts of the world.

In 1997 ACC became the real member of International Map Trade Association (IMTA).

In October of 1997 ACC took part in The Frankfurt Book Fair, after which our products have sold in USA, Switzerland, France, Germany and so on. For the biggest publishing house "Reader's Digest", having many-millions circulation all over the world, ACC prepared the map of Russia (up-to-date edition) to the new Atlas of the World.

In June 1998 ACC together with Moscow State University of Geodesy and Cartography, founded Russian Cartographic Center to enable us to expand the range of our production and its quality.

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